over 50 years of learning


The Past

The land on which Forehill Primary School is built was originally a farm lying between the town of Ayr and the high ground at Castlehill. It got its name of Forehill because, viewed from Ayr, it lay in front of, or ‘before’, the hill.

The 1930s was a time of economic depression, it was followed by the Second World War from 1939 until 1945, and then more years of austerity until the end of the 1940s. Very few new houses were built during these times, and by 1950 the housing situation in Ayr had become critical, especially as many young men and women who had been in the armed forces or engaged in war work had now married and started families. From the early 1950s on, Ayr grew rapidly outwards into the surrounding countryside as new streets were laid out, and new residential areas were created.

In 1956 the former Ayr County Council began planning for a primary school to serve this new area and in 1962 work finally started. The new school was planned to accommodate between 500 and 600 pupils.

This school was fully opened in 1967 and so began a long history of achievement, with teaches here ensuring that pupils received a rounded education and were active in the local community.

During Session 2017-18 the school celebrated it’s 50th Year with a number of events, including our P6 classes designing and filming a DVD of the school and its history, and a commemorative yearbook.


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The Present 

In 2009 South Ayrshire Council embarked on a modernisation programme for the school which was completed in August 2013. The £6.7m completed project delivers a modern learning environment using designs which were developed in partnership with the Council, pupils, parents and the community. 

The infant area introduces flexible learning spaces supported by a mixture of closed and semi open classrooms which are bright with plenty of natural daylight and coloured furniture.  The infant rooms open out onto the outdoor play area encouraging outdoor learning and play. 

The upper areas of the school have been completely refurbished with all classrooms being upgraded to a high specification creating pleasant rooms for learning and teaching.  The classroom areas on both floors are supported by flexible learning spaces which have introduced greater levels of natural light.

The nursery classroom has been refreshed to bring it up to the same standard as the rest of the school with new flooring, carpets and colourful walls, creating a nursery area which the very young children will continue to enjoy. 

The central hall areas have been extended, upgraded and reconfigured to provide modern facilities for PE and dining including improved changing facilities, storage and a new kitchen.  

A new link corridor extension and nursery entrance enables staff and children to move between the infant and upper areas without having to go through the PE/Dining space. 

A new entrance to the school has been created which is a prominent feature of the school, opening into a welcoming reception supported by new management accommodation and a lifelong learning suite which is available to the community throughout the school and in the evening.

The external areas have been developed to create areas for outdoor learning and areas where pupils can enjoy play and socialising.

The Future

The completion of the work, which has transformed the school into a place fit to meet educational needs of the 21st century, marking another important chapter in the history of the school.

It is our hope that the school will continue to prosper and grow, to provide the highest quality learning opportunities for young people in the Forehill Community.

Comments from the Community

Pupils’ Comments
The school is amazing – we are so lucky!
My favourite parts of the new playground are the benches and the huge, big tyres.
Our new school is great – it’s got everything we need to help us learn.

Staff Comments
The transformation of our school is incredible. I feel very privileged to work in such a vibrant and modern space. The children and I know how lucky we are to have such a wonderful environment to learn in.
The refurbishment has been completed to a very high standard with the school learning environment being both innovative and inspiring.
It will give us plenty of scope for a unique approach to learning and teaching. A true 21st century school!
It is lovely to work in a bright, stimulating learning environment which helps provide quality opportunities to achieve our school aims.

Parental Comments
What a transformation, the school looks so nice and fresh.
The kids love it.
It was well worth the wait!
An amazing facility – bright, modern and spacious. Our children are so fortunate.

Councillor Margaret Toner, Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder said:  

…From the first moment that you enter the school grounds Forehill Primary School has the wow factor. You are met by a stylish building, great landscaping and when you enter the school it is a bright light building, fit for learning in the 21st century. It is an ideal place for children to benefit from the Curriculum for Excellence, which ensures all the pupils get a fully rounded education. The investment in this school is a clear demonstration of our commitment to ensuring our school buildings provide facilities for pupils and staff so they can benefit from the best possible education experience.