Meet The Teachers

This section of our website gives you a little information about the roles and responsibilities of staff who work or visit or school. If you have any further questions you would like to ask us then please get in contact with us, our staff are here to help.


We have a large staff team, who work closely together

We have a large staff team, who work closely together to ensure our young people have high quality learning opportunities. Our staff team currently includes:

  • A Senior Leadership Team, consisting of Head Teacher, Depute Head Teacher and Three Principal Teachers.
  • 23.5 Teaching Staff
  • 1 Senior Early Years Practitioner
  • 4 Full Time and 2 Part Time Early Years Practitioners
  • 0.6 Cluster Pupil Support Teacher
  • 1 Full Time Family Development Worker
  • 6 Full Time and 3 Part Time School Assistants
  • 2 Full Time and 2 Part Time Clerical Staff
  • 1 Full Time and 1 Part Time Janitors
  • Catering & Cleaning Staff

Our Staff

Mr Watson

Mr Watson

Head Teacher

Mr Watson is the Head Teacher of the school. He has full responsibility for everything that happens at all stages of the school. He is passionate about making sure the young people in Forehill get the best learning experiences possible. He is always trying to find ways to make our school better.

His remit includes: Departmental responsibility for P6, Curriculum Development – Numeracy & Mathematics, Music, Drama, Art & Design, Languages, School Improvement Planning, Assessment, Attainment & Achievement, Monitoring & Self-evaluation, Budget & Finance, Resource Management,  Policy Development, Pastoral Care of staff, Staff recruitment and training, Child Protection, Making Thinking Visible, Cluster Links, Parent Council and Communication with Parents, Health & Safety, Primary Secondary Liaison.

Mrs Hartley

Mrs Hartley

Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Hartley is our Depute Head Teacher. She likes all children to achieve the very best they can and works very hard to make this happen.

Her remit includes: Departmental responsibility for P2-4, Pupil Support, Literacy & English, Social Subjects, Science, Religious & Moral Education, Professional Development of Staff, Monitoring, Self-evaluation & School Improvement, Staff Cover, Pupil Behaviour, Induction, Timetabling, Lunch Buddies, Dyslexia Friendly School, Infant Induction.

Mrs Baines

Mrs Baines

Principal Teacher

Mrs Baines is always smiling. She is only supposed to work two days, but always comes in on her days off to help make our school extra special.  She is one of our many principal teachers. Mrs Baines organises lots of clubs including chess, sports ambassador and many more. She also organises Award of Ambition for our P7 pupils. Mrs Baines is one of the best. She is always in the school bright and early.

Her remit includes: Departmental Responsibility for P7, Health & Wellbeing, PE, Self-evaluation & School Improvement, Wider Achievement, Citizenship, International Education, Swimming, Award of Ambition, Rights Respecting School, Active Schools, Equality, Diversity & Citizenship, Community Links.