Parent Zone


As a school, we place a strong emphasis on partnership working, and are keen in Forehill to foster strong links with parents, and to work in partnership with all parents and members of the community to the benefit of all pupils.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school at any time to discuss their child’s progress. However, it would be helpful if an appointment is arranged in advance through the office, to ensure the appropriate member of staff is available.


How Parents Can Engage With The School

Parent Council

The Parent Council is a group of parents who meet in the school every 6/8 weeks in the evenings. The group is made up of parents, but school staff and local Councillors also attend. The Parent Council allows parents to have an input in school decision-making, and also enables school staff to keep parents informed about the life of the school. We discuss any items that affect the School.

Call The School

01292 612461


Parent Evenings

Formal Parents’ afternoons / evenings are held twice throughout the year, where parents are given the opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss any areas of concern and to celebrate successes. In addition, we run a series of open afternoons, where parents are given the opportunity to visit their child’s class and work alongside them for a short while “Learning Together”.

Parent’s Drop-Ins

Parents are regularly invited to be involved in decisions about school policy. The Head Teacher arranged regular parent drop-in sessions for parents, to chat informally and to discuss a range of issues about the school and the work we do.


In the past, parents have assisted the school in many ways – parent helpers, extra-curricular activities, etc. We are fortunate in Forehill to have a hard working Parent Council and fundraising group, who work closely with the Head Teacher to benefit the school and the wider community.

A number of parents regularly volunteer to assist on school trips and assist in a number of other ways within classes – art & craft, library, reading, gardening. The Head Teacher would love to hear from any parent willing to become involved in assisting.



Important Documents

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School Handbook 2022

Our school handbook for the current year can be found and downloaded here.

School Improvement Plan 2022-23

Click here to get the latest improvement plan for Forehill Primary School.

Standards and Quality Report 2022

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Other Documents

The keeps parents informed via a range of documents, click here to see the most up to date support documents.

Useful Links

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Catchment Area

Follow this link to the South Ayrshire website to see the catchment area for Forehill or CLICK HERE for the PDF.

School Meals

Follow this link to learn more about the school meals at Forehill Primary School. See the menus HERE.

Holiday Dates

Forehill Primary School holidays are agreed by South Ayrshire Council, following consultation with a range of partners.

Other Links

The keeps parents informed via a range of documents, click here to see the most up to date support documents.