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Important Documents

In this section of the website you will find a range of important documents and school guidelines. 


School Handbook 2019-2020

Our school handbook for the current year can be found and downloaded here.

Improvement Plan 2019-2020

Click here to get the latest improvement plan for Forehill Primary School.

Standards and Quality Report 2019

Click the icon to download the standards and quality report from 2019.


Other Documents

The keeps parents informed via a range of documents, click here to see the most up to date support documents.

Other Documents

Parental Survey May 2019

Cashless Cafeteria

Behaviour Policy

Using Word Pots (P3)

Care & Wellfare Policy

Anti-Bullying Guidance

Child Safety Online

Childnet Information

Supporting Young People Online

Under 5s Internet Safety

Social Media & Young People

Keeping Safe Online

Yellow - A New Social Media App

Assessing Children's Progress

Literacy Benchmarks - Early Level

Literacy Benchmarks - First Level

Literacy Benchmarks - Second Level