Our Eco Committee is positively proactive and we are currently working hard to obtain a fourth green flag.  We currently have members from P2-P7.  These pupils are elected annually and roles and responsibilities are shared.  Contributing to the committee helps develop children’s awareness of the environment, communication and organisational skills.

This session, the Eco Committee is working extremely hard on their action plan and we have split into three subgroups in order to take this forward.

The Litter Group are constantly reinforcing the need to put litter in the bins and to keep our playground and school tidy.  They are working with the rest of the school on ideas to encourage children and adults to dispose of their litter responsibly. The Eco Committee work on a Rota to recycle waste in the school and to litter pick in the playground.

The Energy Group are working hard to raise awareness of Renewable Energy and how to save energy. The group will organise competitions and a ‘Switch-Off Fortnight’ which will involve the whole school and work at home. This will reduce Energy waste in our community.

The Food and the Environment Group have been working with their peers to encourage children to try new foods and to think about where it comes from. We have also been focusing on reducing food waste by encouraging peers to recycle their food. The P4 members will be linking this with their topic and they will keep us updated with what they learn. We will also be planting our own vegetables which we will cook and share with our peers.