Pupil Council

Welcome to the Pupil Council Page!

The Pupil Council are delighted to welcome you to their website page. We hope you find the information on this page helpful and informative. We are always busy, and hope you enjoy reading about and seeing photographs of some of the great things we do!
All classes have a pupil representative on the Pupil Council. They are responsible for gathering the opinions and views of their class and sharing them as part of the discussion at pupil council meetings. This ensures that all children in the school have a voice.

The Election Process

Each member of the pupil council has been elected by the pupils within their own class. At the start of every school year a secret ballot takes place in class. Each candidate delivers a campaign speech and everyone in their class ticks the box next to the candidate of their choice. Votes are placed in the ballot box and counted by the class teacher.

Things We Have Done

Watch this space for information about what we have done!


Unfortunately, we have been unable to undertake the fundraising we would normally do, but look forward to a time when we can get back to what we like doing – helping and thinking of others.